Tuesday, November 29, 2016

End to the year "Odds and Ends" - FREE SHIPPING between November 29th - December 5th

1:6 "Rep-Detect 2019 V.2" FULL SET:
Special order: only 1 available
Price: SOLD
More info and photos HERE
Note: •Silver pen not included•
(please allow 1 month for completion and delivery)

1:6 "Future Parking Meter"

This was included with the long sold out limited edition DX version of "Rachael V.1". 
Only 1 available 
Price: SOLD
Fully painted and assembled. 
Please allow 1 week for completion and delivery.

1:6 "Wasteland Warrior" Painted head and parts

Highly sought after and long sold out. 
Here are some parts to get you started on building your own warrior of the wasteland.
Only 1 available
Price: SOLD

Parts included:
•Hand painted resin head
•Leather-like jacket with shoulder pads
•Shotgun (unpainted)
•Metal knife (painted), axe (painted), large spanner, small spanner, can opener
• Binoculars (w/hook)
• Gloved hands with magnet thumb (not pictured)

Allow 1 week for completion and delivery.

1:6 "Nemo Diver" Unpainted KIT
Assemble and paint your own long sold out 1:6 "Nemo Diver"
Only 1 available

Price: SOLD
Includes all items seen in photo plus hand drawn assembly instructions.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Some recent works- Mr. Fox props, Herman, and Toy Maker

 Apples and radio for Fox.

 Magnetic stands, WIP swirly eyes and radio for Fox.
 In anticipation of Halloween and just for fun. WIP of Herman. Ready for refining.
"Toy Maker" with his removable funny hat.

Friday, September 16, 2016

1:6 Mr. Fox full figure set WIP

I will be offering a very limited 10-15 full sets of these. If you are interested please email me (see profile) for more details! Thanks and Best Regards- S.


Note: Clothing is not complete or final. Jacket is only a place holder for now.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

1:6 "Grizzly Scout" Pre-Order begins Tuesday June 28th @ 6pm PDT

PRE-ORDER: JUNE 28th @ 6pm PDT

1:6 "Grizzly Scout" DELUXE (DX) Set

Edition Size: 



•"Grizzly Scout": Painted Head sculpt with real and sculpted hair
•Bear Claw Necklace
•Walking Stick
•Powder Horn
•Shoulder Bag w/sheath
•Fur Leg Wraps
•Jacket with hood
•Wrapped Hands x2
•1 Body
•Extra sets of hands 

•Box and signed/numbered certificate of authenticity 

 Please note I can not offer Free shipping on this order. Sorry.
Shipping rates (added at checkout) are as follows: 
$26.33 US
$62.75 International

 (International orders needing extra Insurance or upgrade to International Express Shipping will be buyers responsibility. Please contact me if you have any questions. Lost or damaged packages are out of my control so please consider this option.) 

Please note: There are many handmade parts that take time to complete. 
For this reason there will be an expected production and delivery time of 3-4 months.
This is only an estimate and can be shorter or longer depending on artists schedules.

Please be informed these are handmade products and are very limited,
Therefore No Refunds after order is submitted. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!
- S.

Friday, June 24, 2016

1:6 "Grizzly Scout" Pre- Order starts June 28th @ 6pm PDT

Pre-Order starts June 28th @ 6pm PDT.

Pictures coming soon!