Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1/6 "Bounty Hunter Blondie"

"Bounty Hunter Blondie" 1/6 Limited Art Figure
Limited to only 15 world wide

Availability: Sold Out- Thank you

All hand crafted. Including 1/6 scale "Bounty Hunter Blondie" head sculpt w/straw style panama hat (non removable), removable cigar, blue patterned button down shirt, brown trousers w/belt, long black scarf, grey frock coat (with side slits for pistol access), stitched leather gun belt w/metal bullets, leather like boots w/ white metal spurs, 1849 Navy Colt revolver w/ rattler grips, Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" (mocked up as a Henry 1860) w/ side scope, numbered certificate, HT TT narrow body, extra hands and stand.

Thank You & Kind Regards- S.

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