Thursday, September 27, 2012

Special OOAK: 1/6 Nexus 7: "Tears in Rain" Effect- Full Figure Set

1/6 Nexus 7: Rachael "Tears in Rain" Effect

1/6 Nexus 7:"Tears in Rain" Effect
Full Figure Set
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This is a one of a kind special edition full figure set with rain and tears paint effect.

*"Tears in Rain" Effect Painted resin sculpt
*Removable Magnetic "Up Hair" hair piece
*Removable Magnetic "Real" curly hair piece
*Blaster w/amber grips
*Shot glass
*"Memory" photo
Highly Detailed Outfit:
*Gray striped dress suit Jacket w/belt
*Gray Skirt
*Futuristic Fur Coat
*High Heel Shoes
*Triad Toys Female Body
*2 sets of hands
*Box and Signed certificate

Figure is in hand and ready to ship. 
Free shipping world wide.
International orders needing full shipping insurance cost please contact me before shipping.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nexus 7 update and current 1/6 "Nexus-6: Renegade" wip

1/6 Nexus 7:update:
I received the special foam packaging today for the Nexus 7 figures! All orders will go out this week!
Thanks for being so patient!

Current 1/6 "Nexus 6: Renegade" WIP:
It was difficult to determine what kind of shoes Roy has on. I tried to get them as close as possible to what little reference I could find.

here they are nearly done- 90%