Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1/6 Nexus 6: Renegade: Clothing and Unpainted Resin Kit Pre-Order: October 31st @ 12 pm PDT

Pre-Order October 31st @ 12 pm PDT

1/6 Nexus-6: Renegade: Unpainted Resin and Clothing Kit
Pre-Order: SOLD OUT
Limited Edition

*1/6 Unpainted resin head sculpt of Roy

*Unpainted Dove
*Unpainted Sebastian Chess Piece
*Unpainted Sport Shoes
Highly Detailed Outfit:
*Long Black Future Leather Coat
*Gray Shirt
*Large Brown Belt
*Black Stretch Shorts
*White Socks
*Belly cushion

Please Note: 
All Resin Parts (Head sculpt, Shoes, Dove, Chess Piece) come Unpainted.
Assembly required.

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