Friday, May 31, 2013

1/6 "The Inspector" Unpainted Resin and Clothing Kit: Pre-Order Friday May 31st @ 6pm PDT

1/6 The Inspector: Unpainted Resin and Clothing Kits
Pre-Order Begins Friday May 31st @ 6pm PDT
Price: Sold Out- Thank You
Limited Edition

*Unpainted Resin sculpt of "The Inspector"
*Unpainted S&W Model 29 revolver
*Black dress shoes
*Leather wallet with I.D. and Badge
*Leather shoulder holster
*Red sweater vest
*Dress shirt
*Grey herringbone sports jacket
*Dark grey pants
*Black belt
*Stripped tie
*Black socks

Resin items are not painted. Assembly required.
Body is not included.
Fit for HT type Narrow shoulder body.

Shipping is FREE world wide.
Extra insurance is buyers responsibility.
Please contact me if you have any questions.

Production time is estimated 2 months.


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