Friday, January 3, 2014

1/6 "T. Smirk": Mohawk version- Painted and Unpainted Head Sculpts Pre-Order.

Pre order- Open Now
"T. Smirk": Mohawk Version
1/6 Limited Head Sculpt.

Available Painted and Unpainted (flesh tone resin), with Neck and No Neck.

Please note: This head was sculpted with a neck and in order to retain the integrity of the sculpture I will have to physically remove the Neck for "Neckless" sculpt orders. Therefore there will be a $15  service charge for No Neck sculpts. Thanks for understanding.

Pre-Order is for Mohawk Head Sculpt only.
Clothing and accessories are for context only and are not included.

UNPAINTED: Neck --->

PAINTED: Neck or No Neck
SOLD OUT- Thank You

Estimated delivery will be 1-2 month.
USPS 1st class shipping- domestic and international.
If you need upgraded shipping please let me know.

Thank you- S.

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  1. sparkstron here thanks scott great sculpts and very quick delivery to the uk very happy